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Minaa B. on Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Minaa B. is a writer, therapist, wellness coach and mental health educator using her platform online to create accessible mental health resources for her audience. Minaa’s work is rooted not only in her professional expertise, but in her own experience with navigating mental health and self-care. Through her presence on social media and various offerings on her Squarespace site, Minaa is able to break down some of the barriers people often face when beginning their mental health journeys. 

We talked with Minaa about the role her online presence plays in educating her audience about mental health, her advice for small business owners to cultivate more self-care habits, and how knowing her worth plays into her own well-being. 

Squarespace: You’ve cultivated a strong following around mental health education. How has your own journey with mental health and wellness shaped your work? 

Minaa B.: Prior to becoming a therapist I had my own experience in therapy and it is life changing for me, however, I am also aware of the struggles and barriers to being able to attend therapy and take care of your mental health. This drove me to want to share easy, digestible information on my platform for those who are in need of mental health information.

SQSP: In your view, what is the connection between mental health and self-care? 

MB: Taking care of your mental health is a form of self-care, for it is a way to understand what you need to protect your energy and peace of mind, as well as what is needed to manage your well-being. Self-care is at the core of our mental well-being. 

SQSP: What role does your online presence play in educating others about the importance of mental health? 

MB: I use my online presence to share free resources on mental health through social media, specifically my Instagram platform, and also through my newsletter and website where I offer free worksheets. 

SQSP: How has the pandemic changed the way you connect with your audience?

MB: Because of social distancing, my work moved to 100% online and remote. Though this is a significant difference, through my workshops and engagements I have been able to reach people in other states and even countries who I may have not been able to reach in the past. Having this level of access has actually been very helpful in keeping my business afloat and also making my services accessible to others. 

SQSP: You offer free worksheets alongside paid consultations, print sales, and other revenue-driving offerings. As you continue to grow your platform, how do you balance free and paid offerings with your business goals?

MB: Growing my business requires me to know my value and charge my worth. I am mindful of the opportunities that I take and I do not take on free gigs unless I feel aligned to them. I am able to balance revenue driving offerings as well as free ones because I work within my limits and I assess what I have the capacity to give. Offering free worksheets is not as demanding as doing a live, two-hour workshop. Knowing this difference is essential for my entrepreneurial mental health.

SQSP: What advice do you have for small business owners trying to cultivate better mental health and self-care habits? 

MB: My main piece of advice would be to be mindful of what you are giving your energy to. As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to fall into a habit of over-committing yourself and taking on too many responsibilities. Taking care of yourself is fundamental to health — implementing boundaries, delegating tasks, and being intentional about how you spend your time. Every opportunity that comes your way will not be worth your yes, and it will require proper discernment to know what does deserve your yes. You have to be healthy in order to run a healthy business. 

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